For the Girl Who’s Ready – Spiked Self-Defence Rings

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Aside from being a great gift as an accessory, this self-defence ring is one that you can easily inflict pain upon your attacker. Simply wear it, aim for the chest and strike (in self-defence).

  • Convenient to use
  • Minimalistic design
  • Used as a self-defence tool


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Add some glam to your daily OOTD with these self-defence rings! Available in 6 different colours, they go well with different styles and will always remain a functional tool.

How to Use During Self-Defence
Slide one onto your finger (preferably the middle finger). Aim for the centre of the attacker’s chest and strike HARD. This will cause pain and buy you time to perform other self-defence moves or escape.

Gift Ideas
These make for the perfect unique friendship rings (no matter your friend group size!). Not only are they stackable jewellery safe accessories, but they also show the care and kind gesture behind the gift. Gifting one of these shows how you want to keep your loved ones protected in times of an attack.

Despite its cute appearance, it is not suggested to gift to children!

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Thorn Head Ring

1 review for For the Girl Who’s Ready – Spiked Self-Defence Rings

  1. J***s

    Lovely ring… I brought this as a gift for my Nephew. I know he will love it… Awesome colour too.

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