Your EDC TSA-Approved Tactical Pen

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This tactical pen will soon become the best EDC pen (every day carry pen) in your collection.

  • Writing tool
  • Pen holder (to easily hook onto backpack/ pocket)
  • Can be used as an escape tool (e.g. break glass)
  • Durable use for tactical action (e.g. strong attack/defence on the head)


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Attacks from perpetrators can occur from anyone you know. It is important to exercise good awareness of your surroundings.

Easily counter unwanted advances with the best EDC pen. It is not only a tactical pen that is TSA-approved, but it is also easy to use and carry daily. In times of an attack, grip the pen and strike down towards the attacker with the back of the pen to case the most damage. Use other self-defence moves or if possible, escape.

Additional information


Aviation aluminum


Approx. 14.5*3cm (L*D)

2 reviews for Your EDC TSA-Approved Tactical Pen

  1. L***C

    Quality nice

  2. D***s

    High quality fast shipping

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