The Hiker’s Aluminium Emergency Survival Whistle

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You never do know when you need a survival tool but now you sure know where to buy a whistle with a keychain! It also helps to have hiking whistle to convey to your team instructions without having to actually shout.


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Should I include one in my best survival kit? If yes, where to buy a whistle?
Absolutely! In times of emergencies, it can be hard to know what to do and getting help ASAP is always the ideal decision. With a survival whistle like this, you will achieve a high decibel and call for attention to your location. Simply click “Add to Cart” to have your item soon!

Common Whistle Language
Do note that the common whistle language when hiking might include:

  • Short tone (1 second)
  • Long tone (more than 3 seconds)


Short + long = start and speed up

2 short + long = proceed to the direction of the whistle sound

Short + 2 long = someone is left behind and the former team is waiting for the latter team

3 short = encountered difficulties and require assistance

3 short + 3 long + 3 short = international SOS code

1 review for The Hiker’s Aluminium Emergency Survival Whistle

  1. X***i

    Very loud.

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