For our fellow gallivanters, we have a collection of must-haves to defy being a victim to theft, especially when you are on that vacay mode. We have all heard a fair share of devastating stories of people being robbed while on holiday and the last thing we want is for you to be the next victim.

With the gift of technology, we can easily engage in contactless card purchasing. You see this everywhere with PayWave / PayPass and using mobile phones to act as a credit card when people buy groceries. With this, we are also given a new threat. A criminal now can easily steal your credit card information by simply moving closer to you with a scan of a device (which can be purchased legally!).

Common Myths:

“We doubted we’d be able to make purchases without the cardholder’s name or CVV code – but we were wrong”

“They can’t exceed the limit I set for my contactless card payments”

Many have already fallen prey to RFID skimming even while their credit cards were in their wallet (that was in their bag). These perpetrators never needed to physically see or touch their card for this to work. However, this won’t be you as we know you will exercise awareness by taking a look around before pulling out your new travel wallet with RFID protection.

Be sure to also check out our range of travel bags for women and anti-theft backpacks with the ease that you won’t be the next case of pickpocketing.

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