Self-Defense Jewellery

You are no ordinary character, you know how to slay at all times of the day and you understand the importance of keeping yourself safe. We love that and aligning ourselves with those values, we are introducing our line of stylish self-defence jewellery.

Wave away thoughts of lugging about a mallet to protect yourself and the concept that protective devices have to be grim and bulky.

Here at Girls Kick Ass, we embrace style and comfort alongside safety. Whether you are ruling the day with your embellished self-defence rings or bearing a hidden knife necklace, you can ensure your safety when it comes down to using them against your attacker.

We first came up with this when we realized how much we love a dual function product. Our selection of self-defence jewellery has been carefully crafted to keep you safe and accessorize your OOTD effortlessly. Gift one to a friend or family member today to both equip them against dangers lurking about and act as an accessory.

All of our tested wearables are safe for you to carry about without harming yourself.

Check out the range of accessories where function meets appeal below.

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