Self-Defense Items

Personal security goes beyond knowing how to kick and punch when attacked. The most important aspect of it is being ready. Think about how ready are you to defend yourself if you were attacked on the street tomorrow.

It sure is a scary thought that anything can happen at any time and any place. However, we want to be sure you are in control of your own safety and some ways to contribute to that is to look at self-defence tools.

We looked at easy to carry items that provide high usability for you when you need to defend yourself. These were chosen for both the purpose of travel and daily use, items that you can whip out and use against your attacker. Remember, the main aim of self-defence is not for you to end up punishing the perpetrator but for you to escape as quickly as possible.

Even if you are new to the very concept of defending yourself, not to worry. We want to ensure your safety is not compromised and have carefully tested each product. If you struggle to comprehend how to maximize the utility of each tool, we welcome questions at any time and love to know how you felt about the product.

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